Content Management System | Java Content Management System

Enterprise and web content is mostly available in huge repositories in the form of digital assets like video, audio, email, images and transactional content in systems like PeopleSoft, SAP, Java content management systems and so on. To prevent losing valuable information in this heap, Segemai uses the best in technology to make your content valuable

Content is important If you can infer a value from it.


Are you facing any of the following problems?

  • Need tools/solutions to manage content in different formats
  • Have multiple content management systems to support different business applications
  • Error prone or manual procedures to create, upload, modify, or retire contents
  • No appropriate technologies/skills to reuse content
  • Regulatory compliance issues, pertaining to electronic preservation/destruction of information
  • Difficulty in serving content via multiple web channels (intranet, extranet, internet and mobile etc)
  • No continuity and information recovery when a disaster occurs


  • Monetize your digital assets:  Organize and share content collaboratively and seamlessly, across system, and learn how to manage its lifecycle. Reuse existing information or re-purpose it for a new domain. Deliver same information to users with different platforms/devices without duplicating effort.
  • Structure all phases of development: Invest in our best practices that range from prioritizing your needs, program planning and strategy through solution architecting, parallel development, deployment and rollout. We also do capacity planning, performance tuning, training and change management processes.
  • Provide cutting-edge technology solutions: We have experts on the latest, enterprise-level and industry-leading technologies like Open Text (Vignette), SDL-Tridion, and Oracle UCM (Stellent). In addition, we offer robust and community popular open-source platforms like Liferay, Alfresco, and, many more. In addition, our Java content management systems will give you the best solutions.
  • Provide solutions for your need and budget: We design and implement solutions that fit your budget and deliver for your success. We offer best blend of latest commercial and open source technologies to suit your needs.


Segemai help you devise centralized management strategy, to avoid multiple pockets of content scattered throughout your organization.
A content management strategy enables users to know what version of a document is the “official” version they are supposed to use, and where to find it. We help you design a flexible workflow process of creation, review, approval, and publication of content. Our expert consultants can help organize your electronic assets into a unified, secure, searchable system.
Our CMS specialists support you by implementing the system, delivering to your staff, and providing training to them. 


The exponential growth of video and images to support electronic communication, online training, marketing, and operations has created a growing need to effectively manage these unique digital assets.
Segemai helps business from creation/upload of digital asset to conversion into multiple formats, to make those multi-media content searchable and stored securely. We help you provide better visual browse capabilities (dynamic thumbnails and story boards, low, medium, and high resolution image formats, preview clips of videos etc) of your content, and offer expertise on leading DAM (Digital Asset Management) solutions.


Record management needs to ensure that when data is created, tagged, moved, archived and deleted, with appropriate protection applied, it is in legal compliance.
Segemai help you choose and implement the right solutions for your record management needs. We leverage industry-leading Enterprise Content Management and solutions to you implement a records and retention management solution that is in compliance with the appropriate regulations that apply to your electronic assets. 


Segemai’s Web Content Management Systems experts can quickly design an end-to-end architecture – from authoring of contents to delivery and all  phases in between. Our WCMS solutions include training your business persons so they can be more effective and depend less on IT staff.