Architecture, Design and Implementation services

Software Architecture design- segemai

Segemai offers architecture & design consulting and implementation services which begins with research based on the inputs provided by our clients. The outcome of the research phase is that we design frameworks in line with the needs and resources of the client. Our process then moves on to developing a user interface design, which is vital in ensuring that the user feels connected to the product or application. Other critical tasks are identifying process improvements, assessing and recommending technical frameworks and deliverables like arc/design documents to guide your development team.

We Have Experts In:

  • Java/J2EE : APIs, Web-based and Desktop applications, and related open-source technologies
  • Solr/Elastic Search : Enterprise search engines – design, implementation & upgrade services
  • ML/AI : Machine learning, artificial intelligence – Text and Video analysis
  • LAMP : open source web development
  • MySql/MS-SQL/Oracle/… : Relational database management systems
  • Mongo/Couch/… : NoSql databases
  • MS.Net : Microsoft technologies

Work Highlights

Our hosted B2B platform for online retail sellers, aims to centralize & ease of working with multiple marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Sears and more.  Few salient features are:

  • eBay certified application: Full eBay integration – faster new listings, items repricer, items & order management & more.
  • Online arbitrage: Platform to List, Reprice and Automatic Ordering (buy products automatically from Amazon/Walmart/Sephora and others) – UI and REST APIs.
  • Intelli-Pricer: Dynamically reprice items via multiple algorithms to choose from.

The application, built for a ForEx advisory firm, aims to manage all operations of the client, starting from lead capture, execution to billings.

  • Different modules for different teams /departments: market-research, tele-callers, deal executors, monitoring, billing etc.
  • Deal Manager: a complex module where each payment/receipt is broken into multiple and overlapping parts and managed separately.
  • Auto Opportunity Recommendation engine: Attempts to find new opportunities for new/existing customers based on multiple factors/algorithms.
  • Real-Time Fx Currency Rates capture – for market monitoring, execution recommendations and multiple other analysis.

Designed a video analytics engine, which can identify objects, humans and actions being taken etc within a video. The engine is perfectly suitable to solve real-life business problems like un-authorized access, intrusion detection, perimeter security, automatic attendance, fight on the factory floor, and many more.


An intelligent repricer was built for an international marine parts seller. It aims to dynamically reprice parts sold online based on multiple factors: It regularly captures price & availability info of international competitors’, identify customer’s location, assess current demand/supply of different parts, apply complex discount & margin rules to identify an optimized price of the item customer is looking at.

Architected, designed and implemented a SCORM-2004, 4th Edition conformant content-player, with the required run-time services and few custom features.

Helped client evaluate available content-editors and recommended compatible ones.

Multiple works on data extraction, analysis and reporting been delivered:

  • Financial data extracted from CRISIL, ZaubaCorp, InstaFinancials, YahooFinance, (Canadian securities) and many other sources.
  • Real time currency exchange rate capture and analysis (see Smart-Manage above).