Enterprise Portals

         Your organization has many web applications and interfaces created during whole these years, or has a pile of legacy systems and content sources that cannot talk to each other. These situation pose serious difficulties in managing that network of web applications or diverse of content sources, which often results in reduced productivity, increased costs, and even poor customer/partner service.

Segemai promises

If you see your organization in one or more of the situations here:

  • Searching thousands of documents in many places for the desired one
  • Disjointed and diverse content delivery system, but need only one unified or consolidated way
  • Lack Web 2.0 capabilities like blogs/wiki/content tagging/Forums and social media
  • No effective collaboration between your different application
  • Content delivery must be based on user’s level of access (ACL)
  • Employees losing productivity due to excess time spent on multiple application for various tasks

Then you must consider using an Enterprise Portal now.

        Segemai can help you find strong collaboration and social networking solutions to meet your business and customer demands. We help you enjoy a consolidated content delivery system, which can also collaborate with or replace your existing legacy applications. By providing a single, comprehensive environment that connects diverse users, legacy processes, and disparate content types, we help our customers create valuable collaborative relationships that were previously impossible due to various reasons. We extend proprietary applications, and connect people with information.

Segemai portal server expertise

      Segemai have experts in many latest commercial enterprise level portal servers, as well as robust and community popular open source portal servers like:

  • Vignette portal server
  • Oracle WebLogic portal server
  • Liferay portal server
  • JBoss portal server

Portal design and implementation

      Segemai’s portal experts will help you evaluate your existing portal platforms and then create a well thought plan for smooth migration.

      Our portal implementation methodology begins with Discovering what you already have in place, Determine the next level where you should be at, and provide a well supported Delivery plan on how to attain the goal. Our portal specialists will design your new enterprise portal, implement and deliver.
Let Segemai show you how to reach to the next level where you want to be, or rather should be.

Portal upgrade/switch

      If your organization has outgrown your current portal platforms, or needs more functionalities, or your vendor is going to stop support for the older version of your portal system, or you are looking to consolidate multiple heterogeneous web applications to provide a better user experience and reduce management costs, then you should look for upgrading your existing portal systems to newer versions, or switch to a new portal platform with better and more features.

      Segemai can evaluate your future needs and help you determine if you should be upgrading to a newer version of the portal platform you are already using, or it’d be better to switch to another portal platform, through a methodical series of Analyze->Compare->Decide steps. Our experts will also help identifying and correcting issues with your portal, and make architectural improvements to make portal more stable and reliable and perform better.

Portal Integrations

      Organizations who aim to generate a considerable value with their portal infrastructure, should seriously consider hooking up their portal solutions to a good content management system. The two systems linked together provides best of both worlds: a system where your authors can create contents with full flexibility, and another system to deliver contents to multitude of devices, and both can still remain mostly independent of each other. It also enables mixture of contents and existing applications on one portal page.

      Segemai helps your organization choose both kinds of (portal and content management) systems, and also integrate them together such that you can leverage full potential of both systems. 

      If you already have many legacy applications running in isolation that are still in use, you can integrate them together through a portal system, to provide your users a unified view which increases their productivity many-fold. Segemai’s consultants will do all that is needed to bring your legacy systems together via a portal server.