Application & Mobility

      We got developers who code great. There is no project too big, too small or too difficult. We do strategy. We do web. We do mobile. We do web services. We think strategically about your project from where we start, and deliver on our commitments.

      Whether your needs are for an enterprise CMS system or CMS driven site, a rich internet application, an ecommerce site, an enterprise portal, web-based  application, or a solution for your mobile people, Segemai Technologies has the talent and experience to deliver.

Types of Application Developement


      Custom application are specially developed for you keeping your today’s and future needs in mind and are mostly desktop or browser/web based. We have experts in many different rich client and web based technologies to give your visitors & users a whole new experience, independent of the platform or operating system.
      Rapid application development encourages refinement of software prototypes to specifically address business requirements. Business may find this helpful in creating software that can be both functional, and well suited for their unique needs. As business grows and changes, so does their technology necessities. Augmenting the software application during the development phase, produces software that adjusts with the needs of the company, therefore creating a useful software in the end.
      Regardless of what methodology we adopt for a software application development, each project follows standard software development life cycle. We follow necessary steps for all custom application development projects from initial inception and planning, to successful delivery and deployment.


     The world has gone mobile. There are billions of mobile users worldwide. In US, approximately 25% of web site visitors are mobile only, meaning they browse the web via their mobile device only. 

Does your website/application support mobile users? Or better yet, is there an app for that?

      We can help you achieve maximum client/customer coverage by porting or extending your existing applications to various mobile platforms. We offer both device dependent technologies like iOS/Android/Blackberry and device independent technologies like HTML/HTML5, and architect the applications that are suitable for your unique processes and procedures.